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We integrate cell biology with CAD and 3D printing to find innovative solutions for improved live-cell imaging and live-cell physiology.

Mission Statement

We want to empower innovative experimentation


Ongoing projects and how we work


Examples of how inncelly chambers can be used



inncelly basic 01

The inncelly basic 01 chamber is designed for long-term live-cell imaging and examination of the physical and chemical interactions of organisms usually growing on solid nutrient media, such as filamentous fungi, seedlings or arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. The up to 35 mL medium reservoir allows focus-stable, continuous imaging for more than 10 hours. Learn more …


inncelly light 30

The inncelly light 30 chamber provides a
tightly regulated light environment. The integrated Ø25 mm light filter selects with 10 nm bandwidth accuracy, and is available in the range between 310 and 900 nm. These chambers are designed to investigate light-dependent cellular processes. Learn more …


inncelly basic 02

The inncelly basic 02 is slightly larger than the ib01 and holds up to 45 mL medium. Its lid can furthermore be fitted with a 50×50 mm bandpass filter, combining the functionality of the inncelly ib01 with that of the il30. Learn more …



You require modifications of the existing design? We are happy to adapt our inncelly chambers to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.


You need an entirely new design of experimentation equipment? We are keen to start prototype development with you. Please get in touch.

Filter Rental

We realise that bandpass filters are quite expensive. Hence, we rent out filter sets for trial experiments. If it works you have a buy option, if not you simply return the filters to us. Easy.

3D Print Service

You have a CAD model ready for 3D printing but are lacking the experience or suitable equipment? We are happy to discuss material and print options with you. Just contact us for a quote.

Company History

Dr Lichius and his colleagues at the Department of Microbiology use live-cell imaging as one key method to study the molecular cell biology of mycoparasites in fungus-fungus-plant interactions. The lack of a suitable commercial product to improve sample preparation, handling and observation triggered the invention of the first experimentation chamber in 2019. Its practical success and subsequent patent application in 2020 encouraged the founding of inncellys GmbH as a spin-off from the University of Innsbruck in 2021.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Alexander Lichius

Alex Lichius studied Biology and Biophysics at the Universities of Aachen and Dresden, Germany,
before completing his PhD in Fungal Cell Biology at the University of Edinburgh, UK.
He was postdoc at CICESE in Baja California, Mexico and at the University of Technology Vienna, Austria.
He has been working at the University of Innsbruck since 2016.
With the founding of inncellys GmbH he became the company’s CEO in May 2021.

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